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Trim Down Club Member Success Stories Kelli: “I actually took time to read absolutely all of the information provided … It’s VERY good & helpful in understanding how all this works … I’ve made the coco pumpkin cookies, the cashew chicken wrap & a few other breakfast things!! VERY GOOD!! My family is loving the food & I’m BLOWN away these are foods I can eat freely. So yummy & satisfying too … This is the best plan I’ve ever found”…

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories annapril: “Just want to say that this programme worked for me. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. Since I’ve been doing this programme, I actually lost more than that: I lost 12 lbs. I’m back in clothing that I used to wear before I was pregnant (six years ago). The programme has become just second nature to me now... Thanks Trim Down Club!”

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories Kat: "I joined in early Feb (and my husband did too since I do the cooking lol!)...I passed my goal weight of 9 stone 9 lbs...and started the maintenance portion of the diet. I’m 5’7″. My husband, who had farther to go than I did, lost 3 stone 3 lbs during the same amount of time. We were never hungry on the calorie loss diet and never felt deprived. In fact, we actually felt FULL for a change! I think our taste buds also came alive eating all the wonderful food in the various recipes. Sprouted grains? Who knew lol! Spelt? WOW! Quinoa? Now a much-loved staple as are lentils, barley and REAL oats." *

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories mannysan: "I started this diet programme a couple of weeks ago. It certainly has helped me a lot. I used to eat dinner with all kind of tomato sauce and go to bed feeling an acid stomach all night long. Then I started taking anti-acid pills before going to bed. But now with this diet plan I have stopped eating foods with high tomato sauce. Resulting in no acid stomach and good sleeping. I am retired, so I can follow the diet plan according to my menu. It is a lot of fun going to the supermarket and shopping for the right healthy items.” *

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories Lorri: “The Planner serves as a really great guide. I feel more in control of my choices than I ever have … with the Planner, I know exactly what volumes of what I can afford to eat without gaining weight”… *

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories nanbreslin: “My husband and I made a commitment to eat healthy starting the New Year 2013. I am glad I found Trim Down Club and the community to help us along a healthier path”…*

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories annaleeramos: “I am having so much fun with this programme… I don’t think it is going to be too hard to switch the family over to eating the right way … I have always liked the healthy food, I just never knew how to put them together in a healthy way. Thank you Trim Down Club. And thank you all of my cruise members”… *

Trim Down Club Member Success Stories Foxx: “Since I started with TDC I am feeling so much better than before. Eating the natural foods has made much difference and I have found, after doing some taste testing, that some of the processed foods I used to eat no longer taste good to me.” *

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* Testimonial Disclaimer: All of the testimonials presented above are real and were written by actual members of the Trim Down Club. Please take into consideration that these testimonials do not necessarily represent typical results of The Trim Down Club programme. Results may vary between different members of the Trim Down Club programme due to differences in individual exercise history, genetics, age, sex, personal motivation and other factors. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet programme.


What is this Presentation?

In this free but valuable presentation, we'll share five foods you've been told are "healthy" that can actually increase unwanted weight gain. You're probably eating these foods daily, and they not only add to those extra inches around your belly but can stop you from losing weight altogether.

What is the Trim Down Club What is the Trim Down Club? The Trim Down Club is a Niche Social Network providing its members with valuable information on diet & nutrition. Our goal is to share with our members important, up-to-date information, news, recent studies and nutrition tips. You'll learn which foods you should eat and which to avoid to lose weight and be healthy. We aim to provide simple and accurate information that our members will be able to remember, share, and use practically.

The Trim Down Club Programme Theme Your body has a built-in blueprint to be lean and healthy. When you feed it the right food in the right combinations, it naturally melts off any excess weight - And we show you how to do it!

Trim Down Club Menu Planner Trim Down Club Menu Planner – Stay in the Fat-Burning
Mode All Day Long!
Just choose your favourite foods from the Personal Menu Planner, and it instantly creates a weekly menu that uses just the right combination of proteins and carbs to turn on your body's fat-burning furnace.
Everything is immediately accessible online, and since you're not depriving yourself of the foods you love, you can stick with this plan, and watch your body naturally redefine itself to your ideal body weight.

Trim Down Club Recipes - Meals That Make You Fit…Not Fat! If you're going to be successful, the programme needs to fit your lifestyle ... not the other way around. That's why we took your favourite recipes and made small tweaks to turn them into fat-loss meals.

You'll learn to swap processed and chemical-laden foods and use whole, unprocessed ingredients to keep your blood sugar balanced. We focus on optimizing our recipes with the right amount of healthy fats, as well as with the right carbs and proteins for your body.

How to Join? You can join in the Trim Down Club right now!

Just click the order Button below, and you'll not only see all the foods you should avoid, but you'll also have instant access to our online private members' area where you'll have a plethora of weight-loss tools; like our Personal Menu Planner that will help even out your blood sugar levels, keep your hormones balanced and in check, and free yourself from unwanted and dangerous fat.


At the Trim Down Club, we're committed to providing you and your family with the very best educational fat loss products available And we take that commitment very seriously.

We believe that if our programme doesn't work for you, you shouldn't have to pay for it. That's why the Trim Down Club is backed by our unprecedented money-back guarantee.

You can try it in your own home for eight full weeks… show it to your doctor or health professional. Get the go ahead to do this programme, and prove to yourself that this programme really works.

If after two months, you haven't lost weight; if you're not well on your way to having the lean and healthy body you deserve, simply let us know and you'll get a full refund.


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